Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adult Surprise Jacket

I have a love/hate relationship with this pattern. On the one hand, it is very simple so once you get started you just have to chug away till it's done. On the other hand, row after endless row of garter stitch makes me pretty nuts some days. I've fallen asleep working on this sweater. That's how bad it has gotten. So I am proud to say that all I have to do is finish the hood (which has been its own nuisance) and elongate the sleeves. At least I've had some motivational help on this project.

Also, I decided to add eyes to this project after all.

As far as books go, I put Truth and Tolerance on hold. It was too much to handle without being able to devote substantial time to it. I have been reading Der Struwwelpeter to my son this week though:

My grandfather used to read it to me as a child and I'm sure that is how I fell in love with the German language. My son's favorite story in it is the one about the hunter and the rabbit.

Until next time, happy knitting and reading!


  1. I think all knitters have worked on projects they just wanted to be done with. ;-) Struwwelpeter - I remember it well... My girls were never that crazy about it though...

    1. He doesn't understand the German right now but that particular story is easiest for him to follow along with since my husband hunts. We have a couple Winnie-the-Pooh books in German too but this one keeps his attention.