Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yarn Along Wednesday

I'm participating in Yarn Along originally from Simple Things. It is a way to share current knitting projects and also what we are currently reading. I'm working on two eBooks rights now: The Scarlet Letter on the Nook and Jayne Eyre on my Nexus. I prefer the real thing but I get by with eBooks.

I just started hats for Halloween costumes. Adventure Time is kind of a big deal at my house so my little ones are going to be Finn and Jake this year.

My Jake hat currently looks like this:

I started it last night. I made it way too small so after about four inches I had to rip out the entire thing and start from the beginning again. Ugh. I need to make the two hats and I will probably end up making the green backpack too because I'm pretty sure my son would LOVE a backpack.

Here is the progress I've made on my bolero that I mentioned a couple days ago:

The back is finished but the right shoulder is a little...weird. The piece on the right, still on the needle, is the front left side of it.

So, those are the works-in-progress that I have not shared with you yet.

Happy Wednesday and happy knitting!

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