Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Cardigan

Thank you to Jennifer Little of Looking Glass Knits for this pattern. I hope you do not hold it against me that I am sharing this pattern here.

As you go, you will notice that my finished project deviates from the pattern in the following ways: I was not paying attention and forgot to add the rest of my buttonholes (hence my reminder to you) and I did not continue the eyelet pattern on the sleeves (which I think I discuss ad nauseum, just to warn you).

While the following is NOT MY PATTERN, I am fairly certain it is okay for me to reproduce since the author had it available for free when I found it a couple years ago and she adapted it from a free pattern she had found.

I used size 2US needles, but again this is more of a guideline. Obtain the needed gauge.
2 skeins of baby yarn or "fingering-weight substitute"
Buttons (I used 1, the pattern calls for 5-6)
Stitch holders (can make these from waste yarn. Make them long enough to hold your arm stitches)
*The pattern calls for a tapestry needle although I ended up not using it.

Size: 9 months, Gauge: 8 st to 1"
CO 84 st and work 3 rows in Garter stitch  (knit all rows).
Row 4: Make a button hole as follows: k2, yo, k2tog, k remainder of row
Knit 4 more rows (garter stitch).
Rows 9, 11, 14: K4, p to last 4 sts, K4
Rows 10, 12: Knit. Increase by 8 evenly across row. Avoid increasing in the first 4 and last 4 sts (button band). This will keep it looking consistent.
Row 14: Knit, increase by 7 evenly so you have 107 sts.
Rows 15, 17: Knit
Row 16: K4, *k2tog, yo, repeat from * to last 5 sts, k5
Row 18: Knit, increasing evenly by 16 so there are 123 sts
Rows 19, 21, 23: k4, purl to last 4, k4
Rows 20, 22, 24: knit, increasing evenly by 8
Rows 25, 27: knit
Row 26: Knit, increase evenly by 8 so you have 155 sts.
Row 28: k4, *k1, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk. Repeat from * to within last 4 sts, k4
Row 29: k4, *p2tog-b, yo, p3, yo, p2tog, repeat from * to within last 4, k4
Row 30: k4, *k1, yo, k2tog, yo, slip1-k2tog-psso, yo, k1, repeat from * to last 4, k4
Row 31: k4, *p1, yo, p2tog, p1, p2tog-b, yo, p1, repeat from *, end k4
Row 32: k4, *k2, yo, sl1-k2tog-psso, yo, k2, rep from *, end k4
Rows 33, 35: Knit
Rows 34, 36: Knit, increasing evenly by 16
Rows 37, 39, 41: k4, p to last 4, k4
Rows 38, 40, 42: k, increase by 8 evenly
Rows 43, 45: Knit
Row 44: k4, *k2tog, yo, repeat from *, end k4
Row 46: Knit, increasing evenly by 24 so you now have 235 sts
Rows 47, 49, 51: k4, purl to last 4 sts, k4
Rows 48, 50: Knit, increasing evenly by 9. End with 253 sts total.

Divide for arms:
Row 52: K39 (front), slip 51 sts to holder (arm 1), k73 (back), slip 51 to holder (arm 2), k39
Make sure you don't neglect counting again once everything is divided up so that you have the correct amount of stitches where they are supposed to be. I only say this because I always miscount, not because I don't think you CAN count.

Body (151 sts):
Repeat the following until body is 10" long. Also, don't forget to make buttonholes.
Row 1 and all odd-numbered (WS) rows: k4, purl to last 4, k4
Row 2: Knit
Row 4: k6, yo, sl1-k2tog-psso, yo, *k5, yo-k2tog-psso, repeat from *, end k6
Row 6: k7, yo, ssk, *k6, yo, ssk, repeat from *, end k7
Row 8: Knit
Row 10: K5, *k5, yo, sl1-k2tog, psso, yo, repeat from *, end knit 10
Row 12: K11, *yo, ssk, k6, repeat from *, end k4

After 10", work 3 rows of the following:

Feather and fan edging:
Row 1: Knit, increasing 2 sts
Row 2: K4, purl to last 4, k4
Row 3 (buttonhole row ): K5, (yo, k1 three times), (k2tog six times), *(yo, k1 six times), (k2tog six times) repeat from * to last 7 sts, (yo, k1 three times), k4
Row 4: Knit.
Knit 2 more rows (garter stitch), and bind off.

Put the sleeve sets (51 sts) from your holders onto your needles. This is where my finished project differs from the pattern. I used dpns so I could work the sleeves in the round, while the pattern instructs you to use straight needles and then sew them later using the tapestry needle. I chose not to add the eyelet pattern since I could not figure out how to apply it when knitting circular (my count was off, which is why this happened; I also had issues maintaining my pattern when decreasing so I ended up ripping a lot out just knitting it plain).
Here are the original pattern instructions:
Work eyelet pattern as you did for body, omitting the 4 button band sts on either end and centering pattern between extra sts (you will have 2 extra sts on each end at beginning of arm).
After first pattern repeat, dec by 1 every 6th row (knit row) until 39 sts remain.
Continue eyelet for 4 pattern repeats.
Knit 8 rows garter and BO.

Good luck! Keep those little ones warm and stylish. A baby bootie pattern will be posted sometime after the weekend. If you use the same yarn you can make a set.