Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome and a Pattern for a Seamless Tablet Cover

After much deliberation, I've decided to start a blog devoted to amateur knitters. I have been knitting for about 5 1/2 years now but I still feel like a beginner sometimes. I think this is because I am mostly self-taught. No one taught me how to troubleshoot and I was only taught your basic cast on, bind off, and stockinette stitch; the rest I learned on my own.

My goal here is to post at least once a week, on neat tricks to make learning new techniques easier for beginners, free patterns and every once and a while I will post on something completely unrelated to knitting. I will try my very best to find you all great, seamless patterns because I think projects look SO much better made in one piece, and because I find projects are a lot easier when I don't have to sew or crochet a bunch of separate pieces together. I will find or make easy video tutorials for you too.

Also, now that I am in possession of a Nexus 7, I will be trying out different apps devoted to knitting and letting you know what I think about them.

That being said, my most recent project was a case for my Nexus. I found the pattern here:

1 skein yarn (mine only used 1/2 skein of Bernat Classic wool)
Double point needles size appropriate to your yarn's ideal gauge
1 button

I made it smaller for my tablet, since the iPad is bigger by inches.
This is the SAME pattern but with my changes in order to accommodate a smaller tablet:

CO 54 stitches using Judy’s Magic Cast-On (, which establishes knitting in the round.

Rows 1-3: *K3, P1, (K4, P1) 4 times, K3* twice.

Row 4: *K3, P1, Cross 2 L , P1, K4, P1, Cross 2 L, P1, K4, P1, K3* twice.

Row 5-7: *K3, P1, (K4, P1) 4 times, K3* twice. .

Row 8: *K3, P1, K4, P1, Cross 2 L, P1, K4, P1, Cross 2 L, P1, K3* twice.

Repeat Rows 1-8 until piece measures 7.75″ (22 cm) from cast-on edge, ending on an odd row.

Bind off 27 stitches and then continue in pattern across the back, now working flat with WS (odd rows) knit as: P3, K1, (P4, K1) 4 times, P3.

Continue for approximately 1.75″ (4.75 cm), and then work RS button-hole row as K3, P1, (K4, P1), 2 times, YO, K2tog, P1, (K4, P1) 2 times, K3.

Knit in pattern for another .75″ (2 cm), and then bind off.

A picture of my finished project shown below. My edges did not turn out as nice as the one on the website I found the pattern at because I did not finish the edges by crocheting. That said, I found this to be a very easy pattern and once I found the YouTube on Judy's Magic Cast On (I thought the tutorial was very easy to follow), I made my tablet cover in one afternoon. (The bottom is actually straight. It looks uneven because the photo was taken at an angle.)

Happy Knitting!