Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Sorry for the long absence! I haven't had much time to knit but I did crank out about 25 rows on this sweater this weekend.

I was a bit intimidated to begin this project, I'll admit. I did mess up my pattern in a few different places that I ripped out and fixed individually. After I got done with five or six rows and still had a problem with how the pattern was turning out, I cut my losses and ripped down to the ribbing.

I'm so glad I did. I added stitch markers where a new section of cables start and it looks great. I also added post it markers to help me keep track of where I am in the cable pattern, which is the only reasonable way for me to tackle this. I'm officially addicted. It's so much fun to knit, and even more exciting is the fact that the front will be the exact same thing.

Since my last post, I also finished The Narrative of Sir Arthur Gordon Pym and as I suspected, the book came to a tragic end. I don't have anything else I'm currently reading at the moment.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Current Projects: Two Sweaters

I haven't shared any project updates in the last week and a half so I figured I should probably update you on my sweaters!

I finally received the yarn for my husband's sweater last Friday, but didn't cat on until a couple days ago. So, not too much to look at right now but at least I've started. The yarn is bluer than the picture shows.

As for my sweater, I'm about half way done with the back piece. I'm not sure how much free time I'll have in the next couple weeks but I'm hoping to finish before the end of the month.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Seed Stitch Sweater

I finished the front piece of my sweater and blocked it this week. I love large gauge, chunky sweaters. They just fly off the needles and the instant gratification is intensified because it's a sweater.

The size doesn't concern me as much either since it blocked so nicely. I'm also really liking the color gradient in this yarn. The seed stitch is a good fit for it I think. I've already started the back of the sweater.

I used most of my free time this week knitting. So far the crew in Arthur Gordon Pym is still alive and kicking, and met a tribe of Arctic natives that they are sharing cultures with. That's all I read this week.

Until next week, happy knitting!
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Couple New Projects

I finished the lamb toy on Monday this week! He's looking fat and ready for a new home. I casted on for a sweater. I was given 4 skeins (approx. 1200 yds) of yarn for Christmas and I decided to make myself a sweater. The pattern I chose is a simple seed stitch pattern.

I'm a little skeptical that it will fit me. The cast on edge is only 38 stitches for my size. I measured myself twice to make sure I was starting the correct size and I'm using a size 11 needle instead of the size 10 that the pattern calls for and it still looks like it might be small. Ugh. But I'm giving it a chance.
The length of this concerns me...

I also purchased sweater yarn to start a cabled sweater for my husband. This will be a Christmas gift this year. (Starting that early so I have enough time to make it!) I will be getting that in the mail sometime in the next couple weeks.
I am still reading The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym by Edgar Allen Poe. Terrible things are about to start happening to the crew again. They're in the Arctic circle and with a crew suffering from scurvy and other illnesses, and a storm brewing, I don't anticipate many survivors in the next couple chapters.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

FO: Lamb

I finished the lamb toy for the next baby due among my co-workers.

I didn't make the feet as wide as the pattern called for, since the first one turned out very wide. The yarn didn't shape the way the pattern was written. I also omitted the black line that makes the feet look more like hooves.

He's my first finished project of the year!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sneak Peek of the Footless Sheep

All he needs is feet!


I love the way he's turning out! Stay tuned for an FO post!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Itty Bitty Sheep

I cast on for a toy sheep on Saturday. It is a free Susan B. Anderson pattern from her book, "Itty Bitty Knits."

It's looking a little funny at the moment.

He still needs ears, fluff on his head, and his legs. I've also been working on the baby sweater I've shared before, although the sheep is for a baby due on Valentine's Day so I'm finishing him first. Still reading The Narrative of Sir Arthur Gordon Pym by Poe. Although I'm at a spot now where nothing is really happening so I haven't read too much this week.

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